12 mois

Offre de postdoc à U. Bordeaux (ISM, ICMCB, LOMA)

"Materials chemistry to prepare and study dissymmetrical metal oxide heteronanostructures for photocatalysis using Z-scheme configuration"

The ISM, ICMCB and LOMA – part of joint laboratories at University of Bordeaux/ French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) – are looking for a postdoctoral researcher for a project to synthesize and characterize dissymmetrical metal oxide based heteronanostructures for optimized charge separation. This project proposes a new strategy for the synthesis of metal oxide-based heteronanostructures using an optofluidic method. Using a laser beam focused in microchannels, the strategy involves asymmetric photodeposition of reduction and oxidation co-catalysts on binary or ternary oxide nanoparticles exposing well-defined facets previously prepared by original solvothermal routes. The post-doctoral researcher will be in charge of the synthesis of the metal oxide nanoparticles exposing well-defined facets and of the characterization of their structural, textural and optical properties (ISM/ICMCB). The post-doctoral researcher will also work on the photodeposition of co-catalysts in collaboration with LOMA. The long-term goal is to design efficient photocatalytic systems for water splitting.

Candidates should contact Thierry Toupance with:
• Cover letter (max. one page)
• CV
• PhD degree
• Transcript of academic records
• Letters of recommendation or contact details for potential referees

Thierry Toupance - Contacter
Université de Bordeaux

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