Offres (3) de postdoc à U. Cambridge (UK)

Erwin Reisner group, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Physical Chemistry (Fixed Term, closing date: 12/12/2022). (Link)

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Biochemistry (Fixed Term, closing date: 12/12/2022). (Link)

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Organic Chemistry (Fixed Term, closing date: 12/12/2022). (Link)

Offre de postdoc à U. Paris-Saclay (ILV et ICMMO)

In the context of the CO2 valorization, the project aims at synthesizing porphyrin organic linkers for the elaboration of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) exhibiting high photocatalytic activities for CO2 reduction under visible light illumination. We will consider the Zr(IV) porphyrinic MOF-545 as a versatile platform to elaborate new functionalized photocatalysts.

Offre de postdoc à U. Bordeaux (ISM et IMS)

This project is focusing on the rational design of asymmetric semiconductor (nano)particles having appropriate catalyst deposits on both sides. Such Janus-type objects will be able to split water into H2 and O2 under sun light, without any need of physical wiring. The project will deal with two kinds of semiconducting particles: 1) inorganic semiconductors related with the well-established know-how of ISM and 2) particles based on organic materials conventionally used in the field of organic photovoltaic devices, incorporating bulk heterojunctions, being provided thanks to the know-how of IMS.

Offre de Postdoc à l’ICPMS Strasbourg et Synchrotron SOLEIL

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a PhD in experimental sciences (physics, chemistry, material sciences) and a strong interest in instrumental developments. A demonstrated experience in either electron microscopy, X-ray spectroscopy or microfluidic fabrication is required. Knowledge of (hybrid) perovskites synthesis would be highly appreciated, while experience in synthesis and material characterization is mandatory. The ability to work in a collaborative team with several partners in different locations is expected. Excellent communication skills (both written and oral) in English are required.
The post-doctoral fellow will be hired by and located at the ICPMS (Surface and Interface team) in Strasbourg, with frequent sessions in SOLEIL to develop microfluidic devices and collect XAS and SAXS/WAXS data.

More information here:

Offre de postdoc au Collège de France (Laboratoire de Chimie des Processus Biologiques)

The post-doc position will build on the above recent achievements of our team on MOF functionalized for CO2 reduction and water oxidation.

Potential Candidates should have a strong background in electrochemistry and catalysis:

  • Expertise in electrochemistry and electrocatalysis is mandatory (PhD in electrocatalysis)
  • Know-how in deposition methods and electrode preparation
  • Background in MOF chemistry is highly desirable
  • Experience in photoelectrocatalysis would appreciated
  • Excellent publication recordApplications:
  • Cover letter, detailed CV and contact information for three references should be sent to Dr. Caroline Mellot-Draznieks. Interviews will be proposed on reception of these required documents.

Offre de postdoc à U. Bordeaux (ISM, ICMCB, LOMA)

The ISM, ICMCB and LOMA – part of joint laboratories at University of Bordeaux/ French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) – are looking for a postdoctoral researcher for a project to synthesize and characterize dissymmetrical metal oxide based heteronanostructures for optimized charge separation. This project proposes a new strategy for the synthesis of metal oxide-based heteronanostructures using an optofluidic method. Using a laser beam focused in microchannels, the strategy involves asymmetric photodeposition of reduction and oxidation co-catalysts on binary or ternary oxide nanoparticles exposing well-defined facets previously prepared by original solvothermal routes. The post-doctoral researcher will be in charge of the synthesis of the metal oxide nanoparticles exposing well-defined facets and of the characterization of their structural, textural and optical properties (ISM/ICMCB). The post-doctoral researcher will also work on the photodeposition of co-catalysts in collaboration with LOMA. The long-term goal is to design efficient photocatalytic systems for water splitting.

Candidates should contact Thierry Toupance with:
• Cover letter (max. one page)
• CV
• PhD degree
• Transcript of academic records
• Letters of recommendation or contact details for potential referees

Offres (2) de postdoc à U. Montpellier (Institut Européen des membranes)

Two postdoctoral research positions are available in the group of Dr. Damien Voiry at the University of Montpellier in France. Our research aims at understanding of the electrocatalytic properties of nanomaterials toward the reduction of CO2. The projects are supported by the European Research Council under the ERC Starting Grant program and the SATT AxLR.

The term will be 1 year, with the possibility of renewal. The positions are available as early as January 2022.

To obtain more information about our research, please visit our website (